Business Law Services

I provide complete business law services, including incorporation and organization, record keeping, re-organization amalgamations, winding-up and dissolution. I prepare shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and more. I act on the acquisition or disposition of shares in private corporations assets purchased and sale and advise on matters relating to franchise agreements and joint ventures.

I will assist in corporate start-ups including business plans, organizational structures, grant applications, and lending and financing needs.

I work with a network of outside experts including realtors, accountants, tax experts, bankers, marketers and web and graphic designers to assist my clients in all their business needs.

Richard Hanesiak Business and Corporate Law Services

Commercial Transactions

Small business is the cornerstone of most communities. I want to be a valued part of your business enterprise and help you to make it successful. I pride myself on my role in helping business clients grow and thrive. I am also available to advise you on the legal considerations of major business transactions so they are carried out in a manner that avoids future legal challenges or litigation.

If you are in the process of buying or selling a business, a great deal of money is likely at stake. There may also be complex issues regarding employees, real estate, contracts, and other important considerations to take into account. I am familiar with all aspects of Ontario law governing business transactions and can help you successfully negotiate and close your transaction.

Incorporation and Organization

Whether you are starting a small family business or are a rapidly growing enterprise, confirming the appropriate legal structure of your business is essential. The decisions you make now will profoundly affect your success in the long term.

I explain the pros and cons of the various options regarding business formation and business planning to help you identify the right structure for your business. Once you have decided on your preferred form of organization the legal aspects of your business formation will be completed in a professional, cost-effective manner.

Commercial / Business Agreements

I provide legal advice and representation regarding business operations involving franchises, licenses, corporate records, financing and loan transactions. I can also help with real estate matters such as leases and various commercial agreements.

I can help you negotiate and draft contracts in a way that avoids future disputes.
I can help with:

– Employment contracts, including offers of employment and employment policy manuals
– Shareholder and unanimous shareholder agreements
– Partnership/Joint Venture agreements
– Independent contractor agreements
– Franchise agreements and disclosure documents
– Intellectual property contracts, including trademark, copyright and licensing agreements
– Master service agreements and statements of work
– Construction contracts

Commercial Leases

A commercial lease is a big investment and a long term commitment for both parties. A properly drafted lease that clearly sets out the obligations of the parties and sets out appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms is key to the future business plans of both parties. Whether you are a commercial landlord or tenant I am happy to provide you with my expertise in drafting and negotiating the appropriate agreements and guiding you through the process. I would be happy to speak with you to discuss you commercial leasing needs.