Commercial Mediation Services

Many commercial disputes involve misunderstandings or the effect of unforeseen events and circumstances. Often it is in no-ones interest to engage in litigation that will inevitably be costly and time consuming and destructive of any future business relationship. As a trained mediator in commercial mediation services, I have been able to help parties involved in a dispute find the common ground to bring outstanding issues to a conclusion that is respectful of the parties and makes business sense.

I begin with a confidential discussion with each of the involved parties in order to gather as much relevant information that I can about your business and the issue in dispute. Then I can lay out the various options that are available and the consequences. We identify how these options fit with your personal situation so you can take action. I will then facilitate a mediation session where the parties can discuss their issues and move towards reaching consensus.

Richard Hanesiak Commercial Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

I want you to have a clear understanding of your choices and their consequences. The decision that you need to make may not be particularly attractive but you will know why it may be the best choice given the risks involved. There may be multiple solutions and there may be times when it is advisable to wait before taking any particular course of action. The important point is that you will know what to do with a high degree of confidence.

Avoid costly litigation to have someone else make the decision for you. Reach answers with minimal disruption to you and/or your organization through a process that can take hours rather than weeks, months or years.