Real Estate Law Services

With our real estate law services, I can negotiate, draft and explain agreements to you before you sign, advise you of all your rights and obligations, and let you know if there is anything you may want to change to protect your interests.

With condominium purchases I can help by reviewing your documents, explaining the unique features of your condo and negotiating additional terms into your agreement if necessary.

I can provide invaluable help to first-time homebuyers throughout the process. I can explain the legal jargon, let you know your rights and obligations under Ontario law, and help your real estate closing go smoothly.

Richard Hanesiak Real Estate Law Services

Residential Purchase Sale Mortgage

Yes, on the surface, most residential real estate transactions look pretty much the same. “Cookie-cutter” is what many lawyers call them. But after more than thirty years of experience I can assure you that no two transactions are exactly the same. Why? Because each one of my clients is an individual and deserves to be treated as such. I will ensure that you understand the process our roles in in and what you can expect. If you have a question or concern you speak with me.

Mortgages & Refinancing

Your bank, union or trust company does its utmost to make the process of purchase financing or refinancing easy and efficient. I can complete the lender’s requirements and help you complete your transaction quickly. It is critical that you fully understand your rights and obligations under your mortgage and I will explain to you fully the documents you need to sign.

Private Mortgages

Today’s real estate market provides both challenges and opportunities. Many purchasers are obtaining financing through sources other than traditional lenders and individuals see the benefits of mortgages as a secure and profitable way of investing. With years of experience and many professional contacts in the industry I can assure that your transaction is completed quickly, accurately and securely. Please call me to discuss your particular needs.